Monday, December 7

Canine Excitement

Not long ago, I blogged about my imaginary superhero, Canis Lupus. Since I am yet to start writing about that particular character, and I am unlikely to do so to be honest, I shall have to content myself with the upcoming blockbuster, Wolfman, which promises to be a dark, riveting take on lycanthropy.

Brooding comicbook heroes are back in fashion following the epic critical success of The Dark Knight and its subsequent box office record-setting. Other adaptations from the staples of the geeky fanboy demographic have made that switch to noirish and stylish, with Sin City draping set pieces in blood-spattered silhouette. Wolfman continues along this path, if the trailers are anything to reckon with. Oscar-Winner Benicio Del Toro plays the lycan here and anybody who knows his work will agree that he might have been born to play this role. He could go on and do for the Wolfman what Heath Ledger did for The Joker circa 2008- render him legend. If he brings his own powerfully animal charm to bear on the eponymous hero, this should make great viewing when it opens next February.

I am heating up to microwave degrees in anticipation of this movie. Should it succeed it will shake off the stigma that usually follows remakes. The consensus opinion condemning remakes is very often warranted. Go see The Day The Earth Stood Still if you do not believe me. However, it might be foolhardy to allow scepticism affect expectations of this film. Director Joe Johnston is an unknown quantity to me as I have only ever seen one of the films in his oeuvre- Jumanji- yet I'm picking Wolfman as a potential great for the new decade.

We wait, we watch, we never withdraw.

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